Tables are one of the indispensable pieces in our homes because they are not only useful, they can also change the mood and the function of a space. A space with lots of tables can give you an idea that it is used for recreation, or it’s a place where people can gather and talk. It could also be a workstation or a workshop.

Today, to celebrate these wonderfully functional pieces, we have listed the 4 most common table types with their specific uses!

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talbot side table

Side or End Table

Side tables are usually the small tables you see beside couches, and they have equivalents where a side is completely removed

to allow it to be slid in and out of couches. Side tables are useful for holding magazines for leisure reading or studying in the living room, or for holding mugs of coffee and remotes. A space with a side table might be used for casual reading, lounging or relaxation.

featured is the Talbot Side Table

therese coffee table

Coffee or Center Table

Center tables are the wide rectangular tables usually seen in the middle of couches.

They are staples in the living room and they are usually decorated with candles, ornaments and lamps to add color and life to a simple room. A center table can make a lot of difference in terms of the room’s ambiance. A predominantly glass center table accentuates a minimalist or modern home, while a natural wood table compliments an industrial or a mid-century modern home.

featured is the Therese Center Table


Console Table

Console Tables are usually long, high tables that are commonly placed at the corners of a room, against a wall divider, under a mirror or in a hallway.

They are most often used as transitional pieces and often hold picture frames, vases, landline phones and books. Console tables usually follow the design or the color scheme of the center table. They are usually meant to seamlessly blend into a room, instead of drawing much attention to it independently.

featured is the Tierre Console Table


Nesting Table

Nesting tables are 3-piece tables that come as a set with each piece being smaller than the one preceding it (think of stair steps).

They are usually placed in the living room, at the center of a sofa set. Some variants of side tables can be placed beside beds and couches, and the pieces usually come in different colors. Nesting tables are a beautiful addition to any space, and they can be scattered throughout a room or displayed together.

featured is the Telomere Nesting Table

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