New Arrival Furniture

  • Rella Dresser

    The Rella dresser is characterized by a smooth, deep brown frame and smooth legs, with an overall seamless feel and…
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  • Beany Bed

    The Beany bed is characterized by a smooth, deep brown frame and smooth legs, with a clean, fabric headboard to…
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  • Thelma Side Table

    The Thelma side table is characterized by smooth legs with a seamless, elegant look and a cabinet to store your…
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  • Sapira Sofa Set with Tables

    The Sapira sofa set is a 1+3+1-seater wooden sofa set with a complementary coffee table and end table. Each sofa…
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  • Tommy Center Table

    The Tommy center table is characterized by smooth legs with a seamless, elegant look and plenty of table space for…
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  • Derry Dining Set

    The Derry dining set is a cozy 4-seater with 1 bench and 2 blue cushions. The boards are made of…
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  • Tanesha Portable Table

    The Tanesha portable table has a cushion s tuffed with poly loose beads under the table surface and a detachable…
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  • Tasmin Center Table

    The Tasmin center table is a cute solidwood table with an extendable side. The natural wood color is perfect for…
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  • Seren Sofa

    The Seren sofa is a 1-seater that's part of our modular, natural wood furniture and it can be attached to…
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  • Shanelle Sofa Set

    The Shanelle sofa set is a modular sofa composed of a 1-seater, a corner unit and 1 ottoman. Reconfigure this…
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  • Tilly Study Desk

    The Tilly study desk is a cute and cozy modular desk that is made from solidwood boards. The top table…
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  • Sabella Sofa

    The Sabella sofa is upholstered in velvety soft fabric and comes in beautiful, bold colors. The small size is also…
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  • Salma Sofa

    The Salma sofa is an accent chair with an undeniable charm: the round cushions and edges do not only look…
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  • Saul Sofa

    The Saul sofa can seat three and has ample cushion for prolonged sitting and lounging. The legs are made from…
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  • Ricci Cabinet

    The Ricci cabinet has a simple and elegant appeal that you can't help but be drawn to it. The clean…
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  • Saudrin Sofa

    An L-shape sofa inside a condo? Yes you can with the Saudrin sofa. It comes in a unique polka-dot pattern…
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  • Seneca Bench

    The Seneca bench comes in a bold and unique polka-dot blue and can double as a long ottoman. The seat…
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  • Tate Side Table

    The Tate side table is a space-saving and multi-purpose side table you can insert onto our Shanelle sofa set. The…
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  • Rayford Ladder Shelf

    The Rayford ladder shelf is our unique, truly modular piece: the top shelf is movable and detachable, and you can…
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  • Oberon Stool

    The Oberon stool has a thick fabric cushion and comes in a cute design, perfect for modern homes. Match this…
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  • Dante Dining Set

    The Dante dining set is a contemporary 6-seater, with a wooden table and soft polyurethane seats. This set is perfect…
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