5 Simple Glass Furniture Cleaning Tips

Glass Furniture Cleaning Tips

5 Simple Glass Furniture Cleaning Tips

Styling your home with glass and mirrored furniture can make your space feel inviting, open and elegantly modern. Whether to choose a coffee table, dining set or an accent table that is glassed, it makes the difference. Some may think that cleaning the glass might be challenging and be bothered by the thought of leaving it looking dirty due to spots and streaks. We have come up with simple glass furniture cleaning tips that can help you properly clean your glassed furniture.

glass furniture cleaning tips

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Glass Furniture Cleaning Tips

1. Always wipe dry

Always wipe dry the glass table. Leaving the glass wet can leave a mark especially when prolonged. It can be harder to remove the water stain. You might need to use stronger chemicals and buffing, just to remove it.

2. Avoid using hard water

When wiping the glass wet or mixing your glass cleaner with water, make sure to use a purified or distilled water. Hard water contains mineral residue when left dried. Because it is glass, the residue from the water can be easily noticed. That’s why the water that we use matters in maintaining the glass squeaky clean.

3. Use Chamois or Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning using tissue or other damp cloth can leave fibers and lint. And on a glass table, that looks like a dirty table instead of a squeaky clean one. Chamois doesn’t have lint nor fiber while the microfiber has the ability to remove it, and that makes it the best partner to your glass cleaner.

4. Glass Cleaner

Don’t just use any other cleaner but a glass cleaner. A glass cleaner is specifically formulated for its purpose, to clean glass. It doesn’t just clean but makes your glass shinier.

5. Buff with Newspaper

Nothing beats the old-school way. This has been done older than my grand parents have been around. Cleaning with a newspaper will buff your glass and leave it squeaky clean. It removes hardened stains, oily marks and water residue. So if you have old newspapers laying around, save if for cleaning your glass tables to mirrors.


Doesn’t cleaning any glass surface or mirrors sound easy with these 5 simple tips? Give it a try! Let your glass top table and the mirror in your cabinets be squeaky clean.


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